OA 41

Here are some handy forms that you will need for OA Events in our Lodge.



Medical Form - Please download, fill out & sign a BSA Medical Form (parts A&B). Bring this with you to ALL OA events.
2018 Spring Fellowship ONLINE Registration - June 1-3, 2018 - Camp Freeland Leslie, Oxford, WI
2018 Spring Fellowship Schedule - Note: There Have Been Some Changes From Previous Years (available just before Fellowship)
2018 Fall Fellowship ONLINE Registration - Sept 7-9, 2018 - Camp Big Timber, Elgin, IL - Available July 2018
2018 OA Fellowship Paper Registration - To bring with you to the Fellowship for ONSITE/Walk-In Registration if you were unable to register online.
Churches & Places of Worship near Camp Freeland Leslie, Oxford, WI.
Here is a list of work project equipment to bring if you have any of these items. Please label them with your name! WORK PROJECT EQUIPMENT NEEDS (Posted as Needed)



2018 Ordeal Candidate Letter - Letter explaining to candidates about Ordeal

2018 Member Fellowship Registration Form - To register for Spring or Fall Fellowship if you are unable to register online.

2018 CFL - Ordeal Candidate Registration Form - Use THIS FORM for ALL Ordeals wishing to being done up at CFL this summer.  Done on Wed-Thurs during Boy Scout weeks.

2018 OA at CFL - Information about the OA at Camp Freeland Leslie

2018 Out of Council - Call Out Form - For Troops going to a NON-Three Fires Camp who wish to have their OA elected Ordeal candidates called out at that camp. (The actual Ordeal must be completed at a TFC Event - Spring/Fall Fellowships or CFL Summer Camp.)

2018 Ordeal Candidate - Equipment Letter - What you need to bring to your Ordeal



2018 Brotherhood Registration - For registering for a Brotherhood Conversion (eligibility is 10+ months after completing your Ordeal Ceremony)

2018 CFL Brotherhood Registration Form - Use THIS FORM for ALL Brotherhood Conversions up at CFL this summer. Done each Monday during Boy Scout weeks.

2018 Brotherhood Letter - Letter (form available soon)

2018 Brotherhood Workbook - Workbook (form available soon)



2018 Vigil Nomination Form - Due by May 18, 2018 to the Vigil Committee

2018 Founders Award Petition - Due by September 9, 2018



2018 Lodge Membership Dues - REGISTERNOW - You may also transfer your OA membership to our lodge using this link!

1st Year Arrowman Award Application - 1st Year Arrowman Award - Lowaneu Allanque Lodge - How to earn this award!

TFC Lodge Callout Ceremony - For Ceremony Teams

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